Laube Technology is a leading supplier of Analog (resistive), Capacitive, and Matrix Touch Screens.

  • Analog Touch Screens are adaptable to nearly any application, including automation, instrumentation, food processing, handheld computing, POS, and many others.
  • Capacitive touchscreens are those that respond to the electrical properties of the human body. This means that they can be controlled by a light touch, and don’t require the user to exert heavy pressure on the screen. The Apple iPhone is the most popular example of a capacitive touchscreen-based device.
  • Matrix touch screens are perfect for any application requiring fixed button size, do not require an external controller, and feature patterning capable of accommodating any button size.

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Laube offers most available switch technologies including Conductive Rubber, Membrane, Mechanical, and Touch Screen utilizing LCDs.

Laube can also offer complete custom control panel assemblies for applications that may require complex electronic interface and displays.