Control Panel / Keyboard Assemblies

With over 30 years of experience, Laube Technology will assist in the design and supply of application specific keyboards and assemblies. Laube Technology will work in conjunction with its customer’s design team, in order to maximize proper design and required results. Some critical areas of concern to be reviewed include:

  • Wear and Life expectations
  • Environmental conditions
  • Human factors
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Lighting
  • Electronic interface with core product
  • Fit/packaging
  • And of course COST

Some of the available options:

  • Custom Plastic Injection Molded Keys
  • Aluminum die cast keys
  • Injection molded plastic, die cast & stamped metal cases/housings
  • Complete turnkey assembly

Laube offers most available switch technologies including Conductive Rubber, Membrane, Mechanical, and Touch Screen utilizing LCDs. Laube can also offer complete custom control panel assemblies for applications that may require complex electronic interface and displays.

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